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2021-05-14 15:24:01

Thank you!

Thank you for your interests in our products!
Due to many difficulties and complaints from partner companies, we post a notice as follows, so please cooperate with the head office's policy.

1.Online (sales sites for product promotion videos, blogs, SNS, shopping malls) and offline product promotion are organized by Forward Medi Co., Ltd.

2.If you need product image or information on the partner's website, please link it to the website of Forward Medi Co., Ltd.

3.Authorizations related to government offices such as procurement and school marketplaces are organized by Forward Medi Co., Ltd.

4.Sales activities should be carried out after consultation with Forward Medi Co., Ltd.

5.We don't involve the business where other business partners are contacting.

6.Rental programs are only hosted by Forward Medi Co., Ltd.

If there is anything that you want to add or amend to the notice, please let us know.


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