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Pursuing a safe living space from various viruses

Protect your health and family from various harmful substances.

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  • Yes. Our space sterilizer, STR-Solution was tested for COVID19 by Microbac Laboratories in USA. It is a nominated laboratory by US CDC as GLP certified laboratory. This is the only one laboratory qualified to perform tests for sterilization devices or sterilizers not using chemicals.
    STR-Solution has been tested for MERS Corona Virus, Type A Influenza Virus and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19) since 2015.
    The tests for sterilization capabilities and cytotoxicity test (Vero E6, MDCK) were performed at the same time.  These reliable test reports are  internationally accredited.

  • A.STR Sterilization Material is automic type material with excellent sterilization effects.
      STR Sterilization Material is produced by photecalysis oxidation process. Titinium Deoxides is used for photocatalyst and it produces radicals when a light with specific wavelength irradiated.  
    STR Sterilation Material is produces with our patented kwon-how in addition to the basic principle for redical production.

  • A. Our STR solution is adopting volatilization method that emits STR disinfectants into the atmosphere.
    Radicals typically have a short survival time and disappear immediately upon creation, but their STR disinfectants increase their survival time.
    It erupts into the atmosphere and allows time for sterilization.?This part is its own sterilization technology.
    That's why it's STR(Sterilization Technology Revolution).
  • A. That's not true
    Radicals have excellent sterilization effects and odor removal functions, but they have a very fatal disadvantage of disappearing as soon as they are created.
    Due to the disadvantage of not being able to apply such excellent substances in real life, many products are adopting inhalation rather than venting.
  • A. That's not true The STR solution is applying the opposite principle.
    The principle of inhalation is to inhale air from the atmosphere and purify air or remove dust from the inside of the device using filters.
    That's why important adsorption bacteria can't be killed. To address this huge shortcoming, our products are applying atmospheric arithmetic, or venting.
    That's why you can sterilize adsorbent bacteria that are parasitic on walls, ceilings, floors and everything else, not just the atmosphere.
  • A. The purpose of the original air purifier is to remove dust.
    But the filter inside the device is moisture or temperature, which causes many bacteria to reproduce.
    It's simply a hotbed of germs. So a potent toxin to kill these bacteria.
    In other words, the use of a toxic substance called OIT has resulted in great harm to the human body.
    To kill germs, we have to use toxic substances. Maybe it's a given.
    However, our STR solution does not use any toxic substances and sterilizes them using friendly STR sterilizers.
  • A. Yes, you could definitely say that.
    It is the first and only product in Korea that has completed the MERS sterilization test.
    The test results verified 99.997% sterilization power.
    We also obtained GLP certification organized by the American Society for Reliability Assurance (SQA), an international certification body.
  • A. It's the product that tested the most germs in Korea.
    swine flu (H1N1) was also carried out in the United States and obtained GLP certification.
    In addition, we tested super bacteria, various E. coli salmonella, etc., and all bacteria have sterilization power of 99.9% or more.
  • A. That's the most important question.
    In order to test the sterilization power of each species, what conditions are most important.
    In Korea, many companies choose the client test standard method.
    This is to test sterilization power in a completely different way to achieve good results.
    For example, a 500cc pet bottle can be tested using a UVC sterilization lamp.
    Therefore, buyers must also check whether they have a sterilization test report or how they tested it.
    STR solution tested all bacteria by spatial sterilization method.
    Only spatial sterilization methods can fundamentally solve adsorbent bacteria and various odors that are parasitic in this living space where we live in.
  • A. Yes, it is. Especially in the case of cigarette smoke, you can feel it most prominently in an enclosed space.
    Many people can feel a big difference when they breathe after smoking.
  • A. Yes, it is. The effectiveness of the product is important, but it is a reality that seeks safety more.
    Our products have been tested for cytotoxicity by strict standards.
  • A. The products currently on the market are air purifiers or air sterilizers.
    Air sterilizers are literally purifying the air inside.
    A space sterilizer is a way to sterilize walls, ceilings, floors and everything else, not just the atmosphere.
  • A. The cause of the smell is decomposing bacteria.
    Atmospheric ventilation must be applied to solve the decaying bacteria.
    The STR solution is effective not only for bacteria, viruses, VOCs, etc. but also for the odor of pets.
    So our products are also effective in animal hospitals. I assure you that STR solution is the best sterilizer/malodorizer.
  • A. Yes, you could definitely say that.
    The STR solution completely removes the first-class carcinogens, such as formaldehyde, toluene, and benzene, which cause new home syndrome.
    Also, organic compounds can be purified by decomposing 99.9% or more, preventing skin diseases.
    So even those with bronchitis or asthma can see many effects because they purify indoor air.
  • A. The UV lamp irradiating light with special wavelength required for the generation of radicals shall be replaced every three years.
    The broadband UV lamps being used have long lifespan at least 26,000 hours, guaranteeing more than three years for continuous use.
  • A. STR solution has the ability to decompose organic matter into carbon dioxide and water with strong oxidation.
    Therefore, it oxidizes and decomposes microorganisms composed of organic matter, so it has sterilization function.
    Microorganisms are largely divided into viruses and bacteria, which we often refer to as bacteria.
    Viruses are much smaller than bacteria and can be identified by electron microscopes.
    Therefore, it is an STR solution that can decompose organic matter (the test results of MERS demonstrate the removal effect of 99% or more within an hour),
    Coronaviruses such as COVID 19, MERS, SARS and Ebola can also be broken down and prevented from deadly infections.
  • A. It doesn't happen at all.
    Ozone is a harmful substance powerful enough to destroy the body's DNA structure.
    It is mainly made from UVC lamps or anion generators, but its products do not use parts like this, so Ozone generation is zero.
  • A. The power consumption of the STR-solution is around 15W, and even if you use it all day, it's less than 500 won per month.